Fri, Sep 21, 2018

The Food & Nutrition Science will cover a well neat and coordinated multidisciplinary curriculum to draw the principal thrusts of pure core subjects. The curriculum esssentially will share with various pure disciplines like engineering chemistry, physics and biology. Food & Nutrition Science graduates may work in the food industry, in academia, in government sectors and can develop entrepreneurship for themselves. The program’s comprehensive curriculum and emphasis on problem solving skills will produce graduates who are highly sought by the industry. It will also provide an excellent opportunity to meet others with common interests and develop leadership and networking skills. In advancing the frontiers of knowledge, the School draws upon faculty and students with many diverse backgrounds.

Two Year Four-Semester M. Sc in Food Processing & Nutrition Science

Title of Degree
Specialisation, if any
Intake (Full time)
Proposed year of Commencement
Entry Level Qualification
M.Sc (Food Processing & Nutrition Science) Food Processing & Nutrition Science 25 2007 B.Sc. Degree with Honours in Chemistry, Phyaiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Food and Nutrition.



  1. Nutrition & Dietetics
  2. Food Toxicology
  3. Nutritional Biochemistry
  4. Microbial Enzyme Technology